10 жизненных правил для мамы-интроверта

  16.11.2016     11:53  

Are you an introverted mom? Don’t worry, you are not alone.
Are you drowning in a sea of outgoing, friendly moms? Do you cringe at the thought of play dates and birthday parties? Being an introverted mom can be overwhelming.

It can seem like being social is a prerequisite for having kids. A prerequisite you have no interest in acquiring. So how do you survive as an introverted mom in an extroverted world? How do you feel like an awesome parent, while darting mom groups and avoiding social gatherings?

Here are 10 rules any introverted mom should live by:

1. Accept that you are an introverted mom. When you fight it, you become more miserable.

2. Realize that you are not alone, it’s just that other introverted moms like to fly under the radar too.

3. Don’t put yourself in situations that are going to make you uncomfortable, it will only create anxiety and make you even more withdrawn in the future.

4. Bring your husband to birthday parties with you. No one should have to suffer through those alone!

5. Get some quiet time each day. As an introverted mom, you might need more time to recharge.

6. Don’t over schedule yourself. If you are an introverted mom you probably need more down time between activities.

7. Love that you are introverted! Some of the most thoughtful, compassionate and considerate people are introverted. Celebrate the fact that you are an introverted mom!

8. Define your comfort zone and live by it. Do you like talking to one mom at a time? Don’t meet in a group. Do you prefer e-mail communication? Don’t call.

9. Don’t let other people or other moms try to take you out of your comfort zone. Some people just don’t get introverts!

10. You are not responsible for your child’s social life, they are. Don’t beat yourself up.

Your amazing parenting isn’t defined by how many play dates or birthday parties you go to. It isn’t defined by how often you are hanging out with other moms. Your parenting is defined by the love and attention you give your child. Your parenting is defined by your relationship with your children, not with other moms. And you know what, I bet you are pretty awesome at that!