Family App
- Wokka Lokka Locator

Wokka Lokka is a mobile application
for GPS watches and android smartphones and iPhone.

With Wokka Lokka, it's so easy to know
where the child or the whole family is!

Download the app for smart watches,
android or iPhone through the links
History of movement
View the history of the movements of the child for any day.

Stay informed about how your child returns home and where she walks after school.
Add frequently visited places and get notified when your loved ones come or go.

Get notified when a child comes home, goes to school and other important places or leaves there, without opening the app.
Fascinating communication
Share news and discuss anything with your children using voice and text messages.

Send reward hearts to encourage your child.
Call back
Listen to what happens around the child when you are not around. Keep up to date with how teachers, educators and peers communicate with him
Exact location
See on the map where your child is at any time with an accuracy of several meters.
Alert signal
In case of danger, be the first to know that your child needs help, thanks to the SOS button in the app and on the children's GPS watch.
How does Wokka Lokka work?
Put the app on your own smartphone and that of your loved ones

Add each other as friends

Watch the location
Add GPS watch to the application

Customize safe locations

Watch on the map and be notified of movements
Wokka Watch
Children's Wokka Watch GPS watches are perfectly compatible with the application. They replace the phone for the child, making communication with relatives simple and safe.
Already purchased a GPS watch?
Wokka Lokka supports all popular models of GPS-watches.
Brands of devices:
Wokka Watch, Smart Baby Watch, Wonlex, МАЯК, К911 etc.
Q50(All possible models), Q60, Q60s, Gw900, Gw900s,Q70, Q80 Gw100, Q90, Q100, Q200, Q360, Q1000, Gw100s, Gw200s, Gw300, Gw300s, Gw400s, Gw1000, Ew100, Ew200, Gw700, T58, Smart Pet Tracker (All possible models), Ew100s, Gw500s, L70, L70s, G10, G100, W8, W9, S1, D99, D100 and many other GPS watches.

Connect them to Wokka Lokka for free!

Start membership
Functions available in
the Wokka Lokka app by subscription:
  • Listen to the sound around the child's gps watch
  • Send a loud signal to the child’s smartphone so that he can call back
  • See the history of the movements of the child for any day
  • Create motivating tasks and rewards
  • Receive notifications about the entry and exit of a child from school, home, section or from prohibited places
  • Add more than 2 children's hours to the app
  • Add more than 2 family members as watchers
Functions available in
the Wokka Lokka app for free:
  • To see the current location of the child on the map
  • Send messages to the child on the watch or phone from the application
  • SOS notifications
  • Call the child’s watch or phone from the app
  • Receive notifications of entry or exit from one place only
  • Receive notifications about the decrease in battery charge in the child's device
  • Add one family member as an observer for the clock
  • Technical support in Russian and English
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